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Teacher and Student

Courses & Mentoring


Certificates in Reflective Practice

The focus of the Certificate Program is understanding Reflective Practice and building the skills to create and facilitate a receptive and supportive learning group.  The program of study includes webinars, monthly reflective practice group sessions and readings and other course assignments.  Each participant receives personalized feedback, noting progress with regard to their readiness to assume leadership in Reflective Practice. Susan and Michael, with Institute Associates, currently lead three year-long certificate programs.

Adult Education Course

Webinars and Conference Presentations

Michael and Susan have, individually and together, presented webinars, conference presentations, and seminars in the US, Canada, Ireland, England, Australia, and New Zealand on the following topics.

• Debriefing Mediations: A Reflective Approach for Practitioners, Teachers, and Trainers

• Excellence in Mediation is Not an Accident: Benefits of a Reflective Practice Group

• Why Do I Do What I Do?  Reflective Practice: The Artful Mastery of Mediation

• Reflective Practice for Divorce Coaches

• The Attributes of a Reflective Practitioner

• Why Reflective Practice Matters to Mediators

• A Master’s Class for Conflict Professionals: Ready to Move from Competent to Powerful

We will also specifically create and present unique learning programs for professional organizations and groups on similar topics related to reflective practice.


Reflective Practice Groups

Reflective practice is a process of learning from our experiences.  Joining with others in a Reflective Practice Group (RPG) helps overcome our isolation and allows us to make use of the reflective practice principles in a unique and collegial environment.  While the focus is individualized learning, lessons from each reflective debrief benefit the other group members.  Institute Directors and Associates currently facilitate 7 monthly RPGs, with more than 75 participants from India, Ireland, Nigeria, Poland, South Africa, Trinidad and Tobago, UK and US.


One-on-One Mentoring

Susan and Michael offer individualized mentoring.  They consult with practice groups and professional organizations to develop and manage Reflective Practice based mentoring programs.

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